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Training Upgrade

Who it's for

Our Programming service is perfect for those who are committed to training, and want to benefit from a bespoke programme to aid their strength and performance or aesthetic goals.

Our bespoke programmes are primarily aimed towards those who find generic programmes too..... generic.

It's a programme that requires input from you, combined with expertise from us, to create a programme that will give you results way beyond other cookie cutter programmes will give.

There are no PDF's here. Instead, you'll have access to your custom training web app so you can log sessions as you go and keep track of progress.

What do I get?

A completely bespoke 8-week Training Programme, written to support your personal goals.
We take into account everything including your background, experience level, goals, preferences, time availability, injuries or limitations.
Log your sessions with ease, within our simple-to-use Training App.
Our App houses thousands of exercise demonstration videos, an in-built rest timer, and your previous weekly performance is visible session-to-session - so, you can push for progression each week!


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