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Physique Upgrade Programme

Welcome to the last fitness programme you'll ever need

...and you won't have to eat out of tupperware or give up your social life 🕺

If you're reading this, you've probably arrived from one of our social media channels.

And therefore, you should already know what we're all about.

If you think our free content is useful, our programmes are a hell of a lot better.

We like to provide simple, straightforward advice to help people cut through the BS and get phenomenal results.

Our Physique Upgrade Programme brings all our knowledge together into a proven system that has changed hundreds of peoples lives.

So if you're frustrated with progress and find yourself at a loose end with your diet and training, then our programme might just be is for you.

We know you're skeptical

.... we would be too.

You might have wasted hundreds (maybe even thousands?!) on coaches and online programmes in the past and NOT seen good results.

And let us tell you one thing.

The lack of results probably wasn't your fault.

Many online coaches and programmes optimise for profit.

They throw together generic, cookie cutter programmes and try to get as many people through the door as possible.

Often promising "bespoke this"and "custom that" before lumping you into a Facebook group with a bunch of other people fighting for attention.

That's not how we do things.

In fact, it's almost the complete opposite.

  • We don't have a a Facebook community.
  • We don't have pre written programmes that you pick (that's NOT coaching).
  • We don't do weekly Q&A sessions.

It's not that programmes like this don't work for some people.

We just find the ratio of people who get results is never that great.

Our goal is not for some people to get a result.

Our goal is for EVERYONE to get a result.

It won't cost an arm and a leg

...but it might cost you a new wardrobe.

If you wanted to work with us in person with 1:1 PT, the same service (training 3x week) would cost you £720 per month.

Even if you only wanted to train with us once per week it would cost you £300 per month.

What if we offered the same service, without having to travel to the gym at an obnoxious time of day or take up another slot in your already packed diary, for a fraction of the price.

That's right, our online coaching is only half the cost of our 1:1 PT price i.e. £150 per month (and even less if you opt for nutrition only).

For what is effectively the same as 1:1 personal training without having someone standing next to you counting to 10 (or was it 12?).

Successful coaching is all about communication and transparency.

For that reason, here are things other coaches do that we won't...

  1. Hide the price of our coaching - so we can make up a price based on what we think you can afford.

  2. Get you on a "discovery call" which is a glorified, pushy, sales call.

  3. Not take no for an answer (they call this "objection handling").

  4. Make you feel bad about yourself to guilt you into buying.

  5. Compare our coaching to the price of a cup of coffee 🥱

What do I actually get?

Our coaching is far too feature-packed to fit onto a single page but you can see a brief overview of what's included in the image below.

But fear not.

After you've submitted your application we'll send you a full video run down of how the service works in much greater detail.

You'll know the ins and outs of how the coaching works before you've even handed over a penny.


There's a good chance you're making one of these 👇 mistakes

...which is why you're here looking for help.

Mistake #1 - Too much planning, not enough action.

At some point, planning becomes procrastination.

We're big planners too.

But we have enough experience to know that things don't always go the way you want them to.

And the key is not in having the perfect plan but having a system to adapt the plan based on the ever changing landscape.

Mistake #2 - Not having a proven system.

And by "system" we don't mean a calorie calculator or fancy spreadsheet (although we have plenty of those too).

A system is a way of analysing your data and deciding on the next course of action so we can get you a result as quickly as possible.

Mistake #3 - Majoring in the minors (too much focus on the small stuff).

Wondering whether you have the right macro ratio or if you need to drink apple cider vinegar is NOT the reason you haven't got the results you want yet.

It's probably something much bigger than that.

Whilst there are a multitude of benefits to coaching with us, one of the most impactful is cutting out the noise.

We can show you what is worth doing and, perhaps more importantly, what isn't.

You might even be pleasantly surprised how little you need to do to get huge results.

If you found yourself nodding your head at ANY of these, our Physique Upgrade Programme could be for you.



How do I know if the programme is right for me?

We'll tell you.

Because we work with people on such a personal basis, it's not fair to work with those who we don't think suit the programme.

We mostly work with intermediate trainees so if you're a complete beginner or in very rare cases too advanced, we'll be honest and let you know what we think.

It may be the case we recommend one of our other services or another coach entirely.

Our reputation means more to us than an extra few quid and if we think you'd be better off working with someone else we'll suggest that.

But if we do think you're a good fit for the programme, we'll let you know that too.

How much time do I need to commit to the programme?

We’re going to make the assumption you’re not an Olympic athlete and can’t train for 8 hours a day.

We’re also going to make the assumption you have a stressful job, home life and a ton of other responsibilities on top of that.

No matter how much time you can commit to the programme, rest assured, we'll get the most out of it.

Is there a notice period?

Have you ever tried to cancel a phone contract when you have 6 months left?

You end up paying through the nose and leaving the company absolutley livid, vowing to never use them again.

We don't want that, so we don't have one.

Our only "contract" per-se is the initial 3 month period working with us but after that, there is no notice period.

Do you do Zoom calls?

Yes, but only as a supplement of £50 per call (typically 30-60 mins).

One of the reasons we can keep our prices much lower than personal training is because we don't need to be in specific places at specific times.

Zoom calls negate that.

Our typical methods of communication are video notes, voice notes or emails.

This allows us both to send and receive messages at a time that is more convenient (and avoids the "when can you jump on a call?" email tennis).

Can I stay on after the programme?

In most cases, yes.

And 90% of people tend to stay (which is a pretty good sign they like it).

The only time we don't offer continuation is if:

a) We feel like you'd benefit from having time away from coaching


b) We have already filled our roster for the following month.

It's best to let us know in plenty of time that you want to continue so we can save your spot.

Will it be you coaching me?


Unlike many other coaches, we won't sign you up, then pie you off to a coach you've never heard of.

We assume you've come here to work with us and that's exactly what you'll get.

Can I choose my coach?


But that doesn't guarantee they will be available to coach you.

If you want to work with one of us specifically, there may not be space. If you are happy to work with either of us, it increases the liklihood we have a spot for you.

Do you offer meal plans?

Yes, as a supplement to any of our programmes we can provide you a custom example meal plan for £50.

Do you offer a Facebook Group / Community?

We've been part of groups like this before and we've found they don't always offer you the best experience.

At best, you'll have a handful of members blowing up your news feed with their breakfast every the morning.

At worst, you'll be given poor advice from someone that isn't us.

It's quite common for other coaches to use groups like this to reduce their workload and be able to take on more clients.

We'd much rather you reach out to us directly for a truly 1:1 coaching experience.

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