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Knowledge Upgrade


Some problems can only be solved face to face, which is why we offer a one to one, virtual consultation.

Whilst our other services offer specific solutions, a call with us gives you the opportunity to broaden the conversation.

Whether you are an aspiring coach keen to learn from experienced professionals or a fitness enthusiast struggling to break through a plateau, a call with us can help.

Here are a few examples of how you can benefit from a consultation with us:

  • Get an expert opinion on what your next steps should be to fast track your progress.
  • Discover tips and tricks that have helped hundreds of clients get life changing results.

How it works

  1. After payment you'll be redirected to a short questionnaire to let us know what times you are avilable and what you'd like to achieve from the call.

  2. We'll be in touch to finalise a time and ask any questions if we need clarification.

  3. We'll spend up to 60 mintues on a call discussing what you need.

  4. We'll follow up via email to summarise the call and suggest an action plan moving forward.

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